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Choctaw Physical Therapy is an outpatient physical therapy clinic dedicated to overcoming your obstacles. The clinic has been in operation since Sept 2000.

Our highly experienced staff/owners are well prepared to assist you and all your therapy needs.

Please call for information or to schedule an appointment* and start on the path to overcoming your obstacles.

* Doctor's prescription required for treatment.



“Our son had a very life threatening motor cycle wreck for which he was prescribed physical therapy to help his recovery process. He was down trodden and in low spirits from the wreck and all the injuries. He went to CHOCTAW PHYSICAL THERAPY and come home talking about the up spirited folks at therapy. It was good to see his spirits lifted.

Then I had a torn roto cuff repaired and was prescribed physical therapy. I went to CHOCTAW PHYSICAL THERAPY. Skeptical I walked in the room where the therapy was going on and saw folks doing all kinds of crazy movements in the name of therapy, kind of freaked me out.

Met Dr. Shawn of which I later learned had worked for a professional baseball team, has a IQ of 165 and continues to keep up with the latest and best of therapy by taking classes in advanced means of helping people.

Well it was work. I'm not gonna say it isn't cause it is. Work at the clinic then work at home. They stretch you till you want to scream but they keep everything in the work room up beat and fun with positive attitudes.

People love them so much they keep bringing them food and home cooked treats of which they share with everyone.

Derek is a fine person with lots of laughter and a fine knowledge of what it takes to get you going. Kelly you will fall in love with, as well as Tammy. Just regular girls with professional knowledge of physical therapy that will share their life stories with you and make you feel like family.

If you want to know anything about sports ask Caree or Chris. Caree will work you over and listen to you as she is ever so interested in getting you on the right path of health.

Chris is kinda like the person who they rely on to keep everything flowing. If you need anything or have any questions he will get you the needs and the answers.

Now Pam, manages the front. Patients, appointments, payments, phone calls. She is so nice you just wanna compliment her each time you see her.

You might feel intimidated at first when you go in, but give them a chance and they will make you feel right at home.

My shoulder is great and our son is doing great.

One last note. Do the exercises at home as directed, not just at the clinic and you will be fine.”

Ed Smith
Choctaw, Ok

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